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Hughes Dry…A reputation of excellence for over 27 years!

Hughes Dry…A reputation of excellence for over 27 years! REPUTATION: The beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or some entity. For over 27 years, Hughes Dry has gained a repu

Most Commonly Asked Question

The most commonly asked questions which consumers ask about their carpet is……. How often should my carpets be cleaned? Though the answer will depend greatly on what kind of traffic it gets. Indoor

Can Carpets Be Cleaned Too Often?

Although those of us in the carpet cleaning industry usually experience the opposite where carpets are neglected and need a “resurrection” cleaning, carpets can be cleaned too often especially if

The Hughes Dry Advantage

The Hughes Dry Advantage There are a number of ways and methods to clean carpets, rugs and furnishings. Here are come clear cut advantages to the Hughes Dry carpet cleaning system.   W

Insurance in A Bottle

If you have a pet, namely a dog or cat, invariably an accident is bound to occur. Neither of my pet’s tug on my pant legs after an accident and lead me to their accident! But the question is, if you


For years, carpets have been given a bad rap in comparison to hard surface flooring. But did you know that over the life of the two flooring types, carpeting is MUCH LESS labor intensive to clean and

3 Biggest Pet Treatment Mistakes

3 Biggest Pet Treatment Mistakes Using a home spot making or steam cleaner. Applying non-enzyme products to the pet accident Scrubbing the carpet. One of the most common issues we face i

Tips for allergy sufferers

Pollen season lasts from late February through October. If you or a loved one suffers from allergy symptoms, the following tips for avoiding pollen may help. Limit early morning activity Remov

Meet One of Ten Species of Dust Mite Known to Live in Your Carpeting

This attractive fellow lives among the pollutants and allergens that make a home in your carpeting. This is actually good news! Carpeting is the only floor covering that acts as an air filter- trappin

A quick remedy for dog and cat accidents

Even the best-behaved pets can have an occasional accident on your carpeting. Use the following method to clean and neutralize pet urine contamination. Blot with a white towel or use a wet/dry va

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