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  1. Dirty Carpets aggravate allergies and make cold and flu symptoms linger : Dirty carpets serve as a breeding ground for the pollutants trapped inside airtight homes. Bacteria growing in your carpet aggravate allergy, cold, and flu suffering. The easiest way to improve your indoor air quality is to clean the allergens and bacteria from your carpet.
  2. Clean carpet looks great and last longer too!
    Check out the carpet in your entryway; take a look down the hallways, under the table, and in front of your favorite chair. Is the carpet clean? Regular visits from Hughes Dry Professional will keep your carpet bacteria-free and looking like new for years to come.

Hughes Dry is a certified green Carpet cleaning company in Atlanta. It is also a 5-star rated company on Yelp & BBB. Try Hughes Best Carpet Cleaning Atlanta, Marietta GA services today!

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